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Elemental sisters series


The first installment of the Elemental Sisters Series, Demon King’s Desire, is available now in digital and paperback formats.

Jenna Jenson’s spent her life wondering why she’s different. The only people who may help her find out have been lost to her since their mother’s death. When she’s attacked by a man whose supernatural abilities supersede her own, she’s rescued by the devastatingly handsome demon king, Lucas Thaler. While she’s inexplicably drawn to him, powers she never knew she possessed are unleashed, leading her to discover she’s part of a new breed of immortals who can either save or destroy life.


After a war in his demon plane and home, Lucas has dedicated his life to battling Malum Inmortalis, rogue immortals whose sole purpose is to rule immortals and mortals alike. As fate would have it, the hunt for these vile creatures leads him to her. She’s the woman he’s been waiting for, for centuries, the woman he’s been dreaming of for centuries—his fated mate. 


Paranormal Romance Guild (PRG) Reviewers’ Choice Awards 2013: Nominated for Best Paranormal Romance Novel

Paranormal Romance Guild (PRG) Reviewers’ Choice Awards 2014: Nominated for Best Paranormal Romance Series


    “If you love a good paranormal romance, then I can't recommend this book highly enough.  This series ranks up there with some of my favorites, Black Dagger Brotherhood, Midnight Breed, and others... I can't wait for the next book in the series.”

- Paranormal Romance Guild


    “Ms. Sheppard provides a solid foundation and introduction to a unique band of characters, with each one standing up to be counted. I highly recommend The Demon King's Desire for an enriching experience...”

- Coffee Time Romance


“This steady to fast paced and smooth flowing plot has it all--suspense, action, romance, betrayals, sex, and all manner of supernaturals that make it a very entertaining read. The author uses vivid descriptions and intense details to capture the imagination and enchanting characters with strong charismatic personalities that grab the reader's attention and doesn't let go.”

 - The Romance Reviews


Burdened By Desire

Burdened by Desire, the second installment of the Elemental Sisters Series, is available now in digital and paperback formats. 

Jocelyn Davis is stuck between two worlds but not completely a part of either. As an Elemental, her abilities over the elements of the Earth won’t evolve until she meets her fated, the man destined for her. Until then, she’s easy prey and coveted by Malum Inmortalis, the rogue immortals intent on conquering the world. They abducted her once before. Still, she’s determined to live her life to its fullest, and risking capture isn’t slowing her down.


Alpha werewolf, Landon Waden, has lived with the knowledge his fated female, the one woman created for him, is just beyond his reach. For months, he’s denied her. He’s had no choice. She can’t give him what the pack needs—an heir. When an attempt is made on her life, he can’t help himself. His instinct demands he make sure she’s safe. But then, there’s one problem: he can’t walk away. He won’t. If only she can forgive him for his greatest mistake… 


“The second book in the Elemental Sisters series keeps the readers on the edge of their seat... This fast-paced plot keeps the adrenaline pumping with action, suspense, romance and emotional drama.”

 - The Romance Reviews

    “This is a love story with characters you can't help but love... ”

    - Paranormal Romance Guild


    “[Burdened by Desire] has all the great characters to make it exciting. It's a fast paced book of intrigue and shifter politics, but with a mating mixed in... Looking forward to other books by this author.”

    - Night Owl Reviews

This was an intriguing story, with plenty of steam and action... Definitely a series to continue...

- Long and Short Reviews 

“Filled with intense world building and an array of paranormal species, I loved Burdened by Desire and highly recommend. I can’t wait for book three.”

- N.N. Light's Book Heaven

    “This story was filled with, action, danger, hot, steamy, sexy moments and tense ones as well. If you are a paranormal lover and want an escape, this is the book and series for you!”

- Book Fri-Ends


ES3 - 3bks_edited.png

Heavenly Desire, the third installment of the Elemental Sisters Series, will be re-released October 1, 2021 in digital and paperback formats. 

Jade Ashley has a past she desperately wants to forget and a destiny she isn’t yet aware of. That changes when she meets Clyde, who saves her and inadvertently exposes her extraordinary abilities. She soon learns he’s her guardian angel sent to reunite her with her long lost sisters, who, like her, are part of a new breed of immortals prophesied to determine the outcome of the upcoming war.

Clyde battles the one thing that will lead to his fall from heaven—his newfound emotions, forbidden among his kind. Nonetheless, the Angel Lords promise to promote him to warrior when he completes his last assignment—to find Jade. But finding her, seeing her in the flesh, sparks a new emotion, an emotion too powerful to put into words. For the first time in two thousand years, he curses his existence, knowing she’ll never be his.


    Paranormal Romance Guild (PRG) Reviewers’ Choice Awards 2014: Nominated for Best Paranormal Romance Novel


   “This fast-paced and smooth flowing plot keeps readers on the edge of anticipation with suspense, action, drama, and romance. The author brings the story to life with well written scenes that capture the imagination while the suspense and drama draw the reader into the story...”

    - Night Owl Reviews


    “Equal parts romantic, heartbreaking and just good old fashioned entertaining, Heavenly Desire has that special something that makes each turn of the page a gateway to emotional turmoil, danger, and forbidden passions...You’ll laugh, you’ll swoon and you’ll fall in love with J.L. Sheppard’s world, her words and her characters, whose diversities are like a melting pot of the supernatural!”

    - Tome Tender Blog


     “If you're looking for a paranormal read with romance sprinkled on top, then this is a series you need to read.”

    - You Gotta Read Reviews

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